4BHH in Amsterdam – our last trip as a class

foto1 4bhh in amsterdamWe, the 4BHH, took a cultural trip to Amsterdam in the first week of April – this was supposed to be our last trip together and so we wanted to make it as special as possible.

Our journey began in front of our school at 05:30 a.m. on April 3rd – a beautiful Monday morning as you see. We had to go by bus for about 4 hours from Klagenfurt to Venice, where our flight to Amsterdam took off. We arrived in Amsterdam at about 2 o’clock p.m. and let me tell you one thing, Amsterdam is a very beautiful city. Even though the language is known to be quite strange, Amsterdam’s culture and architecture made up for it.

As already said, we arrived on Monday afternoon, that’s why we didn’t plan to go and visit any museums or companies – we wanted to use our free time on Monday to get to know the city, that’s why our class teacher, Prof. Mag. Dr. Josefine Schuschu, decided that it would be best if we all explored the city together, we had our own little sightseeing tour.

The first company we visited on Tuesday was Coster Diamonds. Yes, we did get to see real diamonds and no, we didn’t take any with us, there was security everywhere.

After that we had lunch time and met each other again in front of the Van Gogh Museum. Talented man, let me tell you that. There were amazing works of art.

To end the day in the most perfect way, we booked a Heineken Experience Tour. The staff informed us about the company’s history and how to brew beer. There was also a tasting of course.

On Wednesday we started the day with a visit to Madamme Tussaud’s. As expected, there were a lot of wax figures, but also different attractions, such as a runway to model on while Naomi Campbell stands close by, or a studio to record a song with Adele right next to you.

After that we took a canal cruise and learned a lot about Amsterdam’s history and saw different buildings.

At the end of the day we went to the Amsterdam Dungeon and what would a school trip be without visiting a dungeon? It was a great tour with amazing actors and even though there were a few terrifying moments I wouldn’t have wanted to miss it!

We had also planned to visit the Anne Frank museum but the queue in front of it was too long.

On Thursday we visited the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam’s biggest museum. There was such a big collection of awesome works of art and gadgets throughout the history.

We had the whole afternoon off to go shopping and that’s exactly what we did. The centre of Amsterdam is way too beautiful.

In the flower garden Keukenhof you can find a great variety of wonderful tulips as far as the eye can reach!

We went to dinner every day and got to spend a lot of time together, to strengthen our team spirit for the upcoming exams and graduation next year.

On Friday, 7th April we had to say goodbye to our beloved city and left it at 3 in the afternoon and arrived around 9 p.m. in front of our school.

All of us enjoyed the journey to Amsterdam and we want to thank our teacher Prof. Mag. Dr. Josefine Schuschu for coming with us and for supporting us during the trip, just like always.

Ivana Popović, 4BHH

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