2BHH in Styria

The Zellstoff Pöls AG, one of the largest manufacturers of pulp (Zellstoff) and paper in Central and Eastern Europe, is based in Austria, more precisely in Styria. Our class hat the opportunity to visit this huge factory.

We got protective clothing, just in case. A young lady told us facts about the paper factory:

  • The factory has been existing since 1700.
  • They sell their products in Austria, Italy, Germany, France, Eastern Europe and in the Mediterranean area.
  • The factory in Pöls has 399 employees.
  • Their products are blanched kraft paper and blanched long fiber sulphate pulp.
  • They use the largest and most modern paper machine in Europe.

We were shown almost the whole area! It was really interesting.

Our second stop was a cloister in Seckau. It’s a huge place, looking like a castle. This Benedictine cloister includes a school, where the children have to pray before and after meals. Monks also live in the monastery. They have strict rules, like having no wife, praying regularly but also working. In former times they slept in a “dormitorium” (Latin for “kleiner Schlafraum”). We also visited the church, where the final steps of the grand renovation were going on.
This excursion was really cool and very interesting, we all learned a lot!

Sydney Golob, 2BHH

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